Talk Electronics introduces A500 and A600 tonearms

UK-based Talk Electronics has launched two new tonearms – the A500 and A600. Both are advanced captive uni-pivot designs with acrylic headshells and hardened stainless steel pivot joins with outputs via a five-pin 270° connector, which provides for the user’s choice of cable. The A500 boasts a 12mm aluminium slightly tapered arm tube, is internally wired with jointless 0.15mm copper single-core, varnished copper wire and offers the option of straight or right-angle sockets.

The A600 meanwhile features lightweight, rigid 12mm pultruded carbon fibre, and is wired internally with jointless copper litz wiring.

Both tonearms have a standard Rega compatible mounting, and are available in 9in, 10in and 12in versions with SME Audio or Jelco compatible mounts by special order. The A500 costs £350 and the A600 £600, both are available to buy now and you can find out more about them here.

Talk Electronics
01344 844204

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