Awards 2011

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Ed Selley  |  Jan 10, 2012  |  17 comments
Best Accessory Shure M97XE Vinyl replay need not be an expensive business. The reasonably priced Shure took on three other cost-effective cartridges and won the day. It’s an impressive performer with exceptional detail, fine bass and a fantastically communicative midrange. The M97xE is also one of the highest-compliance cartridges we know of, and has an exceptional ability to track even well-worn records quietly and without causing further wear.
Ed Selley  |  Jan 10, 2012  |  0 comments
Best Loudspeaker over £1,000 Rega RS7 Winning a Blind-Listening Group Test (HFC 347) is always a considerable achievement. Winning against five dedicated speaker manufacturers (when your own product is part of a wider range of electronics) is remarkable, but this is what Rega has achieved with the RS7. Making use of a clever transmission-loaded side-firing bass driver, the RS7 demonstrates outstanding coherence and openness. As we noted at the time, it never fails to make listening fun and that’s surely the whole point.
Ed Selley  |  Jan 10, 2012  |  0 comments
Best Speaker cable Kimber 4PR The basic design and components of the 4PR date back decades: polythene-insulated connectors joined together in a special weave to reduce interference. While it might not be very radical, the 4PR won us over with a performance that combines detail, bass extension, superior imagine and sweetness to impressive effect. For sheer musical enjoyment, no other cable tested this year is on a par with the 4PR and for that reason it is our 2011 award winner. Details PRICE: £67 (2.
Ed Selley  |  Jan 10, 2012  |  0 comments
Best Network Streamer Naim ND5 XS Naim gave us a clear demonstration of its streaming talent with the formidable NDX. What we didn’t expect is that it would take almost everything that makes the NDX great and squeeze it into a product that costs £1,000 less. The ND5 XS has a superlative performance with streamed media and is also a superb internet radio platform. And if that wasn’t enough, the digital inputs and iPod functionality make it a true digital hub.