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Rega’s renovated stereo integrated amp
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Do you use the lid on your turntable when you spin your vinyl?
How do you prefer to use your turntable: lid on or lid off?
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Bluetooth open-back ‘phones from Brooklyn, NYC
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First launches from brand new flagship range
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Jamo S7-15B standmount loudspeaker, Grado RS1x headphone, Nagaoka MP-500 cartridge revisited, SME Model 12 MK2 turntable, Melody AN300B MAX (Western Electric Edition) tube integrated amplifier and six wireless speakers battle it out in our Group Test
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Our bumper collection of the best kit to pass through the HFC test lab over the last 12 months is here to help you pick from essential turntables, speakers, amps, DACs, streamers, DAPs, headphones...
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Let us know your preference concerning speaker grilles... are you on or off?
How do you prefer to use your loudspeakers: grilles on or off?