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Hi-Fi Choice  |  Mar 26, 2020  |  0 comments
Inside this month's issue: Group Test of DAC headphone amplifiers, Bristol Hi-Fi Show report Gold Note Mediterraneo turntable, Russell K Red 120 floorstanding speakers and much more...
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Mar 27, 2020  |  0 comments
PMC upgrades its speaker range to eliminate vibrations and distractions, bringing studio sound into the home
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Mar 25, 2020  |  0 comments
Big on music sound as well as its movie soundtrack raison d’être, HFC has never seen anything quite like this soundbar
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Mar 24, 2020  |  0 comments
Mitchell & Johnson's flagship silver disc spinner gets put through its paces
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Mar 23, 2020  |  0 comments
This flagship loudspeaker towers over a metre tall and boasts some of the largest drivers around
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Mar 20, 2020  |  0 comments
The new Albany standmount serves as a timely reminder why KLH was once such a strong brand
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Mar 19, 2020  |  0 comments
As Audiolab joins the stream age, HFC discovers whether its off-the-peg platform and audio prowess are a recipe for success
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Mar 18, 2020  |  0 comments
MA’s Gold series combines luxury with fine sound, but the flagship floorstander takes things to the next level
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Mar 17, 2020  |  0 comments
As the loudspeaker specialist moves into multi-room audio, HFC samples the Formation platform’s Duo speaker solution