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Read the full review on this power-house in the December issue (378). . . .
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The UK's premier high-end audio event was a great success. Thanks to eveyone who took part. Click here to link to the show to see what you missed. .
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Choice Extrareview of the KEF M500headphones. Read the full article in Hi-Fi Choice issue 377, November 2013. PRODUCT TYPE TELEPHONE WEBSITE KEF M500 Over-ear headphones 01622 6722261 www. kef.
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Six mid-price integrated amplifiers battle it out. Read the full article in Hi-Fi Choice issue 377, November2013. MAKE MODEL PRICE WEBSITE Arcam Creek NAD Pioneer Rotel Teac FMJ A19 Evolution 50A C 356BEE DAC A-70 RA-12 AI-1000 £650 £700 £700 £800 £600 £800 arcam. co.
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David Price listens in to thestandmounting speakerhitting all the right notes. Read the full article in Hi-Fi Choice issue 377, November2013. PRODUCT Mission SX2 ORIGIN UK/China TYPE standmount speaker WEIGHT 10kg FEATURES ● 25mm titanium dometweeter ●160mm metal/fibre cone mid/bass driver ● Claimedimpedance: 6-8ohms ● Claimed frequencyresponse: 58Hz- 40kHz DIMENSIONS (WxHxD) 231 x 381 x 365mm DISTRIBUTOR IAG Group Ltd TELEPHONE 01480 447700 WEBSITE www. mission.
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MAD’s world MAD - acronym for My Audio Design – is one of hi-fi's more interesting and idiosyncratic operations, says Paul Messenger My Audio Design is one of hi-fi ’s newer and more surprising operations. It’s headed by Timothy Jung, a British entrepreneur who combines youth, enthusiasm and imagination with a passion for making loudspeakers here in Britain. And some of its designs are indeed MAD – check out the extraordinary Royal Salute! The inspiration That’s certainly not the case with the 1920. Despite its curious name, this loudspeaker is conceived as a tribute to the classic BBC LS3/5A sub-miniature, which continues to enjoy cult popularity and a succession of lookalike models from several manufacturers.
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Perfect PC partner Pro-Ject’s £140 DAC Box is a no-brainer for anyone playing music from a computer, says HFC’s technical consultant Richard Black A long the way, Pro-Ject Audio has managed to get some quite impressive functions into small spaces in its Box Audio series of components. A DAC – even a three-input one – is not quite such a shoehorn feat and, indeed, this is by no means the smallest on the market. It’s stoutly made, with a steel sleeve over a steel tray which houses the electronics assemblies. The component count is low, with a DAC chip, an S/PDIF receiver and a USB receiver, plus a minimum of housekeeping parts and a handful of power supply components.