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Hi-Fi Choice  |  Oct 06, 2015  |  0 comments
Audiolab’s 8200CD CD player won a well-deserved Recommended badge back in HFC 340, and now its long-awaited successor, the 8300CD, spearheads the all-new 8300 Series, which also includes the 8300A – a completely redesigned update of its original integrated amp. Available in silver or black, the 8300CD is built around the Sabre32 9018 DAC which, it’s claimed, reduces jitter to the levels expected from a much more expensive player. It processes data up to 32-bit/384kHz via USB, and also accepts DSD files, while a full range of inputs and outputs have been retained from the original models, along with an AES/EBU digital input and XLR digital output. The 8300A has a dual-mono power amplifier section delivering 75W into 8ohm and is powered by a 300VA toroidal transformer.
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The new compact OTTAVA SC-C500 system from Technics combines an all-in-one network CD stereo amplifier and speakers. It’s perfectly suited to homes with limited space, and delivers an audio experience more typically associated with larger amps, or so Technics claims. Digital input formats include PCM (24-bit/96kHz); FLAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC (24-bit/192kHz); MP3, WMA; AAC and DSD (2. 8MHz, 5.
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Want to find a way of getting your music distributed around the home without going down the Sonos (or the like) route, yet desire the same kind of multi-room integration using more traditional audio components? Yamaha's MusicCast range of products has arrived with the aim of doing just this. With its own multi-room standard integratedinto its new series of hi-fi components, soundbars and AV receivers, it allows audio to be shared over wired and wireless networks as well as using Bluetooth and AirPlay through connected devices. If the MusicCast name sounds familiar, it's because it is the monicker (but not the tech) that was also given to the brand's hard-disk-based system launched in 2003. With 23 MusicCast products announced – including the MCR-N670D micro system (£700) pictured – there looks to be plenty of component options to enable customers to quickly establish a multi-room setup and share any input on any MusicCast device with any other around the home.
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Gibson Innovations, part of Gibson Brands, best known for its musical instruments, consumer electronics and audio, has announced details of its new headphones, called Trainer. The company's first foray into the headphone market has been developed in partnership with Usain Bol and incorporates a range of features specifically designed for fitness enthusiasts. The headphones offer what Gibson describes as: "unparalleled sound quality with practical functionality, culminating in the ultimate sport headphone" and are available in black or white. The wireless headphones switch between an active mode and a lifestyle mode.
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Schumann’s rarely recorded Das Paradies und die Peri featuring a superb lineup of soloists is set to becomeSir Simon Rattle's debut recording on LSO Live with the release of this special boxset containing two SACDs and a Pure Audio Blu-ray disc. Well known as a champion of this rarely heard work, this is the first audio recording Rattle has made of Schumann’s great oratorio. As Sir Simon Rattle says: "It’s the great masterpiece you’ve never heard, and there aren’t many of those now. .
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Sep 29, 2015  |  1 comments
Japanese manufacturerTEAC has introduced a new entry-level, belt-drive turntable that's perfect for hi-fi fans on a budget or those that are looking to rekindle their love affair with vinyl without breaking the bank. The TN-200 comes equipped with a built-in MM (Moving Magnet) phono stage with USB output (for transefering music to PC or Mac), phono and line outputs, while a high-performance MM cartridge is also included. The aluminum die-cast platter boasts a dense composite wood construction for better vibration and resonance control along with anti-skating design and twin speed control(33/45rpm). The belt drive motor on the TN-200 reduces vibration for sweeter, more accurate sound than DJ direct-drive turntables, according to TEAC, while the aluminum die-cast platter and anti-skating system are claimed to provide a solid foundation for great-sounding playback.
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Abbey Road Studios will host a new series of public lectures from November entitled ‘Sleeve Notes: From Mono to Infinity,’ and presented by acclaimed and influential music producer and recording engineerAlan Parsons. Parsons – who is indelibly linked to Abbey Road for his work with Pink Floyd, The Beatles and his own music with The Alan Parsons Project – willchart the development of his own skills and experience as an engineer, producer and recording artist alongside the developments in music technology at Abbey Road that enabled the creative envelope to be continuously pushed, resulting in groundbreaking, inspirational and timeless recordings. He will share his first-hand experiences – both anecdotal and educational – of his time working with the artists who passed through the iconic studios’ doors. The talks will incorporate audio recordings, video footage, photos and vintage studio equipment used to create classic tracks.
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Bose's latest headphone release – the SoundLink around-ear wireless headphones II – is described by the company as "Offering the best sound quality of any wireless headphone available with a whole new kind of wireless experience". Built for use out and about, the headphones have 'multi-point' for hook up to two devices, boast quick-pairing with NFC technology and claim a15 hour battery life. The SoundLink®around-ear wireless headphones II use proprietary technologies, including active equalisation and new volume-optimised equalisation, so that music should retain detail no matter what the volume. There are no manufactured boosts because they’re not needed for impact.
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Pure has announced details of its new line of digital and internet radios with Bluetooth connectivity. The new line up includes: theEvoke F3digital and internet radio with Bluetooth and Spotify Connect; the third generation of the One Mini, Midi and Maxi digital radiosand theEvoke C series – a range of all-in-one home audio systems. The Evoke F3 (pictured above) is a compact digital and internet table-top radio with with instant access to over 25,000 stations worldwide. It offersBluetooth connectivity and also has Spotify Connect for simple music streaming.
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Wires, huh yeah, what are they good for?Absolutely nothing!” So goes the classic Edwin Starr song. Okay, so maybe we’re a little confused about the actual words to Starr’s classic slice of soul, but the point remains – having a mass of cables trailing from your hi-fito your speakers can be a unnecessarily messy business. Of course, wireless technology has been around for some time, but its been decidedly shaky to say the least, until now that is. .
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It’s just over 12 months since we looked at luxury headphones in a Group Test, but the market has grown so rapidly in the past year that we felt it was time to revisit this increasingly popular sector once again to compare six of the most significant home-use designs that are grabbing the headlines today. The rise of the once humble headphone has been well documented in these pages, and has been fuelled partly by a passion for music on the move and fashionistas wearing trendsetting cans. But there are several other reasons closer to home for the expanding headphone market, that has seen it reach audio fans who are turning to a pair of quality ear speakers as their transducer of choice. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need headphones for home listening at all.
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DETAILS PRODUCT:Sonus faber Chameleon B Origin:Italy Type:2-way standmount loudspeaker Weight:6. 7kg Dimensions(WxHxD):185 x 315 x 283mm FEATURES 29mm fabric dome tweeter 150mm polypropylenemid/bass driver Quoted sensitivity 87dB/1W/1m DISTRIBUTOR:Absolute Sounds Ltd TELEPHONE:0208 9713909 WEBSITE:absolutesounds. com Read full reveiw in issue 402 . .
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Atlas Cables has announced the release of its new updated Ascent Ultra interconnect and Ascent XLR cable. Hand-built at its factory in Kilmarnock, the Ascent Ultra uses a fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP), which is extruded around the bare OCC copper conductors. This process, says Atlas, allows the required geometry of the conductor within the dielectric to be maintained and offers greater manufacturing consistency and wider bandwidth. The Ultra Plug has a claimed 57 percent reduction in mass over its predecessor and includes solder-free construction, self-cleaning insertion and material consistency that helps, says Atlas, to deliver the best fidelity.
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After seven albums as one half of celebrated musical duo Air,Nicolas Godin has finally produced his first solo album,Contrepoint, which is available today. Contrepoint is described asa dazzling experience that conjoins Godin’s former habitual musical fusions with classical forms, taking the listener on multiple adventurous journeys, often within each song, with counterpoint just one of its many landmarks. It’s remarkably varied in tone and rhythm, splicing genres with a bold, punchy and yet sensual and sweeping feel, with a variety of enticing lyrical narratives, and a starry international cast of guests, such as French vocalist Gordon Tracks, Brazilian singerMarcelo Camelo, Italian author Alessandro Barrico, New Zealand guitarist Connan Mockasin and the choir from Macedonia’s F. A.
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Originally conceived 17 years ago as a cost-no-object nearfield monitor for use in recording studios and broadcast vehicles, Leema Acoustics’ Xen loudspeaker was the result of a research project to squeeze a BBC-graded monitor into a small standmount cabinet that quickly found favour with music lovers. Unlike the original Xen, which was never designed for domestic use, the new Xen 2 offers a host of improvements over its professional predecessor. With a front baffle that’s the size of an A5 paperback book, the new Xen 2 is ultra compact and boastsa claimed frequency responseof 57Hz-25kHz and an output of between 60W and 150W. It benefits from two bass reflex ports, which extend into the cabinet then fold down behind the bass driver – each measuring 260mm.