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Hi-Fi Choice  |  Nov 30, 2015  |  0 comments
Studio monitors are generally built to be about as tough as they come. As butch as the stubble on Jason Statham’s chin, they should be able to shrug off the endless travails of studio life with ease, and – despite what manufacturers tell us – are quite a different kettle of fish to the sort of standmount speakers that hi-fi enthusiasts like to have perfectly positioned in their listening rooms. So it’s rare to find a near-field monitor, which is ordinarily plonked on a mixing desk with an engineer hunched behind it, offering the sort of performance that makes it perfect for home listening. But that’s precisely what we’ve got here.
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German speaker brand Elac isn't usually associated with the affordable end of the speaker market, and is perhaps better known in the UK for its high-tech drive units – especially the celebrated and distinctive JET ribbon tweeter, now in fifth-generation spec – and its unique brand of vorsprung durch technik. But the Kiel-based company is embracing changing markets with its new Debut range and looks set to bring the much-respected speaker name to a whole new audience, and perhaps give itself a little more funk in the process. At the price, this new range looks like an entry-level lineup, but there's nothing entry-level about the sound of the B5 model we got to hear. The new range has eight models, three of which are aimed at stereo music listening – plus five models for home cinema including centre and Dolby Atmos add-on duties and three smartphone-controllable subwoofers for multi-channel setups.
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DETAILS PRODUCT:Sony NW-ZX2 ORIGIN:Japan/Malaysia TYPE:Portable AudioPlayer WEIGHT:235g DIMENSIONS(WxHxD):65 x 131 x 18mm FEATURES ● Supports PCM 24/192, DSD64 & DSD128 ● NFC Bluetoothwith LDAC ● 128GB internal storage plus micro SD slot (max 128GB) DISTRIBUTOR:Sony UK TELEPHONE:0207 3652810 WEBSITE:sony. co. uk Click here to purchase a copy and read the review . .
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Hegel has unveiled its first-ever full-sized digital-to-analogue converter in the shape of the new HD30 DAC, which the company is describing as its reference DAC. This being Hegel, though, the intention has been to come up with a product that is new and quite unlike anything that's currently available. And so Hegel describes how the development of the HD30 meant it had to tweak and improve on the best measurement equipment in the world first, before technically addressing the things its engineeers had heard and then tweaking them. First up was the noise floor.
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German audio specialist Heco describes its latest loudspeaker as a combination of "traditional hi-fi values coupled with innovative technology" and it's easy to see why. The new two-wayfloorstander boasts a 275mm subwoofer featuring a lightweight HECO kraft paper diaphragm. The actuator of the diaphragm is equipped with low-loss rubber beading that's claimed to offer low distortion characteristics along with a very dry and precise bass range. Two bass reflex tubes screwed on to the bottom of the enclosure are designed to provide additional depth.
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Following the release of it'sRPM 9 Carbonturntable, Pro-Ject has now unveiled its top-of-the-range RPM 10 Carbon. The company describes the new vinyl spinner as being created to "give vinyl fans something that not only delivers high-end sound, but that also stands apart as an outstanding object of desire". And so consequently it boasts the same tear drop design as its predecessor (the RPM 10. 1 Evolution) and the aforementioned RPM 9 Carbon.
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Danish brand Tangent Audio has continued its association with the highly renowned designer Jacob Jensen and its new Bluetooth portable wireless speaker, the Fjord Mini, is the outcome of the collaboration. The speaker features two 2. 5in full-range drive units partenered by a passive radiator that is in turn powered by a stereo 20W amp. It can be charged up for portable use (offering up to eight hours depending on volume level) or run off of the mains for use around the home.
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Pro-Ject informs us that the new RPM 9 Carbon has been introduced to satisfy the needs of high-end audio enthusiasts that want a record player that stands apart, and with the same 'tear drop' chassis as its RPM 9. 2 Evolution, it should certainly stand out from the pack. The RPM 9 Carbon is supplied with a 9CC Evolution Tonearm pre-installed. This 9in tonearm has a conical carbon fibre tube and inverted bearing design and is supplied with a 5-Pin to RCA Connect-IT CC cable.
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Today marks exactly 90 years since engineers Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen set up Bang & Olufsen in Struer, Denmark, in an effort to explore their passion for high-quality audio reproduction. To mark the ocassion, the company has launched what it describes as one of its most ambitious projects ever, the BeoLab 90 – a floorstanding loudspeaker capable of pumping out 360° sound. You can read more about how the speaker was developed and our exclusive visit to B&O's HQ in issue 405, which goes on sale on 26th November. Earlier in the year year Bang & Olufsen launched theLove Affair Collection, a range of stylish products created in the art deco style to celebrate the passion and dedication to craftsmanship and quality that the company has come to provide.
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Astell&Kern has launched a limited edition version of its AK Jr portable music player with a stylish red finish. The AK Jr Red has a red aluminium case, machined gold controls and is on saleexclusively via Amazon. The original AK Jr was tested in HFC back in issue 401 and impressed with its superb sound across all file formats and its build quality and affordable price. The red version offers the same 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution audio playback, a high-quality Wolfson DAC, compatibility with music files including DSD and 3.
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Cable manufacturer Studio Connections has unveiled its new Platinum Series digital interconnects, which are claimed to deliver the emotion and intimacy of the human voice as well as bringing a compelling immediacy to the reproduction of musical instruments. Following extensive research, the company discovered that it is essential to ensure fast signal propagation with minimum jitter, and so the Platinum Series is claimed to deliver audio virtually free from timing distortion for a more natural character in voice and instruments. Cable types include AES (balanced using XLR connectors) and S/PDIF (single ended RCA phono connector) and prices start at £1,350 per metre. Find out more here.
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Jeff Lynne’s ELO is set to deliver a new album which will be the first new ELO music in 15 years. Alone In The Universe, the album is set for global release 12 November on RCA Records in the UK. The first single When I Was a Boy was released in late September and anyone that preorders the album will get it as an instant download. As with ELO’s previous releases, Lynne continuesto serve as producer, songwriter, arranger, lead singer and guitarist.