1More Dual Driver BT ANC

Borrowing many of the features from 1More’s Triple Driver BT (HFC 443), the Dual Driver BT ANC sports the same flexible neckband, convenient fast charging (10 minutes for three hours and an hour for seven hours continuous playback), plus play/pause controls with a microphone on the left end of the neckband. The main addition is Active Noise Cancellation, but another feature unique to the BT ANC is that the earpieces are magnetic clasping, meaning they won’t flap around while not in use.

There’s a generous choice of silicone eartips, a storage bag, 3.5mm-to-USB-C cable for wired listening and a flight adapter. 

Sound quality
The Dual Driver BT ANC uses a dynamic driver and single balanced armature, with a sort of open-back design. Happily, sound leakage is minimal. Performance is solid, but lacks openness due to some missing HF detail. Bass is a little cut off and Disclosure’s Where You Come From could do with a bit more push.

Active noise cancellation works brilliantly. It is split into two separate modes – a lesser mode that saves battery and max mode – and both do a great job at counteracting background sounds while allowing the music to flow unhindered. A voice enhancement mode helps listeners to increase awareness of their surroundings, which is useful if you need to hold a conversation.

It’s worth noting that Bluetooth support doesn’t extend to the LDAC codec found in the Triple Driver BT, but switching between wireless and wired mode doesn’t result in any discernible sound quality differences. Overall, the Dual Driver BT ANC isn’t quite up to the satisfying sonics of the Triple Drive model but does offer the most effective noise cancellation I’ve experienced from a set of in-ears. LT

Product: 1More Dual Driver BT ANC
Price: £120
Type: Active noise-cancelling in-ear headphone
Read the full review in April issue 448