Arcam introduces new Solo Muso

New speaker packages build on the success of Arcam's Solo Music systems

Specifically designed to complement Arcam’s Solo Music and Movie systems (HFC 414), the Solo Muso loudspeaker is rated at 80W (4ohm) and comes in a robust cast aluminium chassis.

The main 125mm driver is constructed from a proprietary paper pulp fibre sandwich cone for its stiff but light properties. It is supported by a die-cast basket to minimise sound reflecting back towards the speaker cone and causing distortion in the process. The accompanying 25mm tweeter is of the neodymium aluminium dome variety and damped to similarly reduce distortion and improve the clarity of fine details. 

Additional damping is provided by utilising a specialist material to reduce internal reflections while conversely increasing the apparent volume by slowing down air movement, which in turn extends the low-frequency range. The walls of the cabinet are lined with an adhesive vibration material to minimise the risk of sound being radiated out. Meanwhile, the front-facing port should enable the Muso to be used effectively close to walls. 

The Muso monitor speakers cost £398 a pair, while the Solo Sub is £499 and the Muso Solo 2.1 (which combines the sub and monitors) is £897. The speakers come in a choice of black or silver finish, and brackets and stands are also available at additional cost. Look out for our 2.1 system review next month. Find out more about Solo Muso here.