Audiovector Trapeze Reimagined comes to UK

Renaissance has announced it will be bringing Audiovector’s Trapeze Reimagined to the UK as it: “takes classic design cues and pairs them with the very latest audio tech to deliver a refined performance”.

The original Trapeze, launched in 1979, was created with a view to reproducing the true sound of a concert hall. The company explains that the new Trapeze Reimagined follows the same principle and features innovative modern technology while paying homage to the company’s very first speaker. Due to the unique design, the front of the loudspeaker is angled toward the listener, while its rear remains parallel to the wall. The cabinet is hand-veneered for a sleek fit and finish, and braced for low distortion and colouration.

Inside the cabinet, Audiovector’s Diffraction Absorption Control, a thick layer of natural felt around the mid and treble drivers, absorbs reflected energy. This allows the drivers to function as point sources. Audiovector claims the shape of the angled cabinet eliminates standing waves and ensures that the conditions are perfect for the speaker’s drivers.

The Audiovector partners the 3,800mm2 SEC AMT tweeter with a 127mm midrange driver using a strong Neodynium magnet for maximum power and control. Distortion is claimed as extremely low, thanks to a patented distortion-shorting cap in the magnet. The light membrane has a corrugated ‘concertina’ surround for the fast performance required to blend with the AMT treble driver. The unique proprietary linear phase crossover incorporates precision components, each manufactured for the purpose.

Just as the original Trapeze used 6dB per octave linear phase crossover topology, so does the new Trapeze Reimagined. The company reckons this represents the only way to achieve a perfect step response and deliver a clear and natural sound. Other in-house technologies include cryogenically treated tin flash/copper capacitors, air-cooled metal housed resistors for bass and midrange, an array of film resistors in the treble to avoid induction distortion, and precision wound coils all falling within +/- 1 percent tolerance levels.

The in-house designed bass driver features a 305mm membrane and 102mm voice coil, and Audiovector claims it delivers low distortion and clean bass notes. A rubber ‘concertina’ surround, rather than the ubiquitous roll surround seen on most rivals, makes the bass driver fast enough to blend in with the superfast midrange driver. Sensitivity is quoted as being 88dB/W/m into 8ohm loads.

The company boasts: “The extremely low distortion allows unusually natural and dynamic vocals, as well as a beautifully rich sound without boom or bloom”. The Trapeze Reimagined uses double mechanical decoupling, a two-layer aluminium plinth incorporating built-in decoupling via carbon steel ball bearings and Audiovector spikes. This combination has been designed to reduce distortion, optimise the speaker/floor interaction and deliver a clean, precise sound.

The Trapeze Reimagined is available in four standard finishes: Black Ash, Nordic Oak, Italian Walnut and White Silk. Audiovector also offers custom finishes hand painted in Denmark. Only carefully selected real-wood veneers are used.

Available to buy now for £15,500, you can find out more about the Audiovector’s Trapeze Reimagined here.

Renaissance Audio (UK distributor)