Audiozen unveils Yin and Yang amplifiers

Over in Italy, Audiozen has been having fun creating a pair of complimentary monophonic amplifiers: the Yin and Yang, named after the ancient Chinese philosophical proposition of opposites. The Yin stands for black, darkness and negativity; the Yang for white, brightness and positivity and together they serve to power a single stereo system.

Designed to illustrate the concept, the pair of solid-state power amplifiers have two toroidal power transformers each, for a total claimed power of more than 800VA per amplifier and more than 130V of voltage on power devices. The pair of oversized transformers is optimally assisted in its task by two rectifier bridges (with metal body) of more than 20 Amperes and by four filter capacitors for a total of 43000µF and more.

Each amplifier is equipped with eight high-current silicon carbide (Si-C) MOSFETs creating a damping factor to aid deep but controlled low frequencies and avoid unwanted colouration in the sound.

Yin and Yang are equipped with an exclusive ‘enjoyment’ meter, an analogue pointer indicator that shows power: “not with numbers but with words”. According to Audiozen, this is: “divided into many areas of pleasure, from the subdued and meditative Zen volume level, to the limit of the first watts of power for the warm sex area preparatory to the fun central zone and then passes as the volume increases to the visceral gig, to indicate the sound pressure level of a concert, of a live event”.

The company says Yin and Yang can deliver 200W continuous each at 8ohm loads, with the power doubling at 4ohm. The cabinets, heatsinks and 10mm-thick front panels are made of aluminium and the smaller parts are stainless steel.

Yin and Yang are available to buy now for £8,800 each, and you can find out more about them here.