Ausounds coming to the UK

Los Angeles manufacturer Ausounds has announced that it will be introducing a number of products to the UK from next year including a range of earphones featuring planar magnetic drivers and active noise cancelling.

Previously only available to buy in the US, Canada and Japan, the headphones, in-ears and audio signature products start from £120 and will launch in the UK with a campaign to collaborate with unsigned musicians, producers and songwriters.

One of the key products expected is the AU-Flex ANC, which combines a planar magnetic driver for the top and midrange frequencies along with a dynamic driver for the bass. The company claims: “the dynamic driver punches out the bass without having to concentrate on the other frequencies and so, in effect, works as a mini subwoofer. The result is a compact, wireless in-ear with the performance of an audiophile over-ear.”

The Ausounds range will be available from next year and you can find out more about it here.