Austrian Audio introduces Full Score one headphone amplifier

Austrian Audio has launched its first headphone amplifier – the Full Score one, which the Vienna-based company claims: “redefines the standards of audio excellence at its price point” and is designed to compliment The Composer headphone.

Featuring AA’s True Transient Technology – the company’s first product to do so – the Full Score one is a described as featuring a: “fully discrete analogue amplifier design, free from integrated circuits in the signal path, ensuring pristine sound quality with minimal noise”.

It’s able to accommodate a wide range of headphone impedances, from 10 to over 300ohm and uses a wide band, fully symmetrical voltage feedback circuit coupled with a triple emitter follower output stage biased in Class B. There is also a high-speed complementary push-pull gain stage and a cascoded parallel differential input stage. “This advanced configuration,” claims Austrian Audio: “ensures exceptionally low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) at every output level and over a wide frequency range”.

Available to buy now for £1,300, you can find out more about the Full Score one here.

Austrian Audio