Awards 2011- Product of the Year runners up

Product of the Year- Runners up Audiolab 8200A


The Audiolab is a classic example of a product that delivers so much at the price point, it can be hard to make a convincing case to spend more money. For £730 the 8200A offers plentiful inputs and excellent build. More importantly, it offers a truly sparkling performance. The 8200A never fails to make listening enjoyable, with a fabulous, well-lit midband that gives superb insight into recordings. This considerable collection of attributes earns the 8200A a nomination.


PRICE: £730
TYPE: Integrated amplifier
TELEPHONE: 01480 447700

Rega DAC


The phrase ‘right first time’ could have been coined for the Rega DAC. We have tested a great many DACs this year, but the Rega still stands out as a fabulous combination of features, build and performance. The DAC has many of the Rega ‘house sound’ characteristics and never fails to sound engaging. We found it very hard to fault and when a product that costs less than £500 has you asking if you really need anything more, you have a true star.


PRICE: £498
01702 333071