Chord Electronics announces 2go

As one of our ‘Top 100’ must-hear components, Chord’s Hugo 2 portable DAC/headphone amp (£1,800) is applauded for the organic way it goes about making music. Its class-leading proprietary DAC technology is arguably the reason it sees greater use as part of a home hi-fi setup rather than on the go, and unlike the company’s Mojo DAC with its Poly 2 wireless streaming module, Hugo hasn’t offered similar support. Until now.

Showcased in Europe for the first time at the UK’s Bristol Hi-Fi Show, the Kent-based company unveiled its £995 2go streamer/server, a wireless (2.4GHz wi-fi and A2DP Bluetooth) and Ethernet-enabled battery-powered module that turns Hugo 2 into a Roon Ready streamer with two SD card slots (rated up to 2TB each) for networked music storage and playback. Claiming gapless play and DoP/Bit Perfect support, it’s also DLNA-compliant and AirPlay ready. Tidal, Qobuz and internet radio streaming service integration are planned and setup is via the company’s updated Gofigure app.

Announced in partnership with 2go, the 2yu digital interface (£450) is a dedicated processing module fitted with four digital outputs (USB-A, optical, coaxial and BNC). Independent of Hugo 2, it turns the 2go into a standalone streamer/server that can be connected to any DAC or digital device.

Handmade in the UK, both modules share the same high-grade aluminium casework and come in silver or black finishes. 2go is available now from Chord dealerships and you can find out more about it here .

You can read more about Chord Electronics 2yu here . It will be on sale from March.

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