Connected Fidelity introduces Float isolation

Connected Fidelity is launching what it claims is a whole new take on component isolation. The company explains: “It’s well known that audio and AV components throughout the audio chain, from source to loudspeakers, are adversely affected by external vibrations, as well as by internal vibrations produced by the components themselves. Transformers, transistors, servos and motors all present a range of vibration challenges. Isolation products that feature materials such as rubbers, silicones and springs will dampen certain of these resonances, however this often comes at a cost: the compliant ‘memory’ of such materials means that they can add their own resonance character. At the same time, these materials tend to act as a ‘stopper’, and so vibrational energy is reflected back, rather than providing an energy conduit or ‘sink’ to dissipate that energy.”

The Float range is different in that it doesn’t use compliant or damping materials, but rather an arrangement of ‘floating’ spheres held within two circular, cup-shaped channels. Within their rigid, anodised aluminium two-part body resides a bespoke ball race manufactured from chromium steel, in which a non-resonant material ‘cage’ holds the balls apart. Three POM spheres set into the top and bottom faces of each puck to act as ‘feet’ to ensure stability. The Float is designed to ensure that vibrational energy is ‘spent’ in the micro-movements of these spheres without losing a direct connection path between the component and the surface on which it is placed.

Optional ‘coasters’ (one of which is supplied as standard with each unit) can be incorporated above or below each Float puck. For use with loudspeakers up to 30kg, a set of speaker connectors is offered with threaded fixing options (M6 and M8). For loudspeakers over 30kg, a dedicated Float set, including all components and connectors, features chrome steel balls in place of the POM spheres in a bid to ensure no deformation over time under a heavy load.

Available in a choice of black or silver finishes, Float isolation is supplied in sets of three and four, with additional coaster sets also available. Prices are as follows: set of three pucks (including three coasters) £350. Set of four pucks (including four coasters) £400. Additional coasters (set of three) £122. Set of four £150. Loudspeaker connectors (for use with pucks, for loudspeakers up to 30kg) – set of four M6 connectors £200. Set of four M8 connectors £200. Loudspeaker set (complete set, for loudspeakers over 30kg) – set of four (pucks, coasters and M6 connectors) £600. Set of four (pucks, coasters and M8 connectors) £600.

Available to buy now, you can find out more about the Float range here.

Connected Fidelity