Dan Clark Audio refreshes Ether headphone

Dan Clark Audio’s flagship Ether 2 – the company’s top-of-range open-back planar magnetic headphone – has received a timely update. Launched in 2018 and reviewed in HFC 456, it weighs in at just 290g, thanks to its titanium, aluminium and carbon fibre construction.

Up to now, the Ether 2 has been bundled with a choice of three different earpads (original, perforated and microfibre suede), each offering its own sound and comfort experience, allowing customers to tailor their purchase to suit their personal preferences.

Now, it comes as a ‘system package’ including all three earpads. The thinking behind it is, according to Dan Clark, that: “earpads offer a subtle but influential transition as sound travels from driver to ear. Now, you can easily peel off the Ether 2’s pads and swap them over any time. If a particular recording is best served by a specific set of pads, or you’re in the mood for a particular type of sonic signature – for example, that extra bit of bass depth, a more forward midrange, a more concentrated focus on space and openness or tighter control – no problem.”

Current Ether 2 owners wishing to try out the new system are being offered a package of additional earpads at a reduced price.

The Ether 2 is available to buy now for £2,170 and you can find out more about it here.

Dan Clark Audio