December issue now on sale

Welcome to the December issue
Phew! Made it! It’s been a bit of a haul, but here it is: the final issue of 2021. Can’t say it’s been the easiest year, what with all the lockdowns and false starts, but we’ve had a heap of fun, ducking and diving and innovating where we can to bring your hi-fi info and reviews coming thick and fast.

Because dealer visits have been tricky for most, we dropped them for now and increased the size of the Audiofile news section to keep you in touch with all the up-and-coming goodies, we’ve updated Music Legends so you can discover more about a wider range of artists and maybe introduce some new names, we’ve tried to ensure there’s always some aspirational kit in each issue so that, even if the bank manager says no, you can still fantasise. And, to keep spirits high, we’ve introduced Reasons To Be Cheerful – a heads-up on exciting stuff about to happen in the short term, which we think might tickle your fancies.

Your support and the tremendous effort that the manufacturers have put in to keep our beloved hi-fi business alive is very much appreciated and, with a bit of luck, 2022 looks like it will be lot brighter with more shows and launch events able to get cracking again and keep us buzzing. In the meantime, it goes without saying that we’ll continue to change it up and keep it fresh. Thanks for keeping the faith.

Enjoy the issue.