Denon introduces noise-cancelling GC Series headphones

Denon introduces three new headphones to its premium wireless noise-cancelling GC series, which includes the £299 AH-GC30 with both active noise cancelling and Bluetooth; the wired £265 AH-GC25NC with active noise cancelling; and the £215 AH-GC25W with Bluetooth. Drawing on the advanced FreeEdge driver technology found in the company’s flagship AH-D9200 headphone costing £1,399, the GC30 and GC25NC models claim a truly immersive listening experience. All GC series models also have memory foam earpads trimmed in synthetic leather.

Along with aptX HD Bluetooth for the two wireless models, the series claims multi-mode active noise cancelling using four microphones to analyse and compensate for ambient noise. The three active noise-cancelling settings include City mode, to eliminate the typical noise you experience in crowded public spaces; Office mode, tuned to allow users to work quietly in a busy environment; and Flight mode, tuned to eliminate the noise of aircraft engines. Additionally, the noise cancelling system’s Ambient Monitor feature allows the user to quickly hear the ambient sounds around them with a simple tap on the side of one of the earcups, facilitating the ability to easily engage in a conversation or listen to what’s going on around you without the need to remove the headphone from your ears.

There are two further mics on the Bluetooth models to enable phone calls on the go, while an inline microphone is supplied on the wired AH-GC25NC, as well as with the cables additionally supplied with the wireless models.

Battery life claims to give up to 25 hours playback with the AH-GC30, while the AH-GC25NC and AH-GC25W claim 40 and 30 hours respectively. The headphones are available now in black or while finishes and you can find out more here.

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