Denon introduces PMA-600NE integrated amplifier and DCD-600NE CD player

Following the unveiling of its DRA-800H 100W stereo receiver combining hi-fi and 4K TV connectivity announced in last month’s issue, Denon continues to show its commitment to two-channel with the introduction of two 600-series components. The PMA-600NE integrated amplifier and DCD-600NE CD player – priced at £359 and £249 respectively – are low-cost components said to be designed to attract budding enthusiasts looking to take their first steps into the world of high fidelity.

The PMA-600NE integrated amplifier is rated at 2x 45W into 8ohm (2x 70W into 4) and is engineered with Denon’s Advanced High Current (AHC) power amplification technology. It features three digital inputs – one coaxial and two optical – with four analogue stereo line-level inputs on RCAs plus a moving-magnet phono stage. Bluetooth wireless is also supported and the built-in digital-to-analogue converter handles music files up to 24-bit/192kHz while a user-selectable Analog Mode disables all digital inputs as well as Bluetooth to operate as a pure analogue amp to optimise analogue sources.

The DCD-600NE CD player features Denon’s AL32 Processing tech and supports home-burned CD-Rs and CD-RWs containing MP3 or WMA music file formats. It’s engineered to keep signal paths as short as possible and a Pure Direct Mode deactivates the display to prevent any interference to the audio signal.

Both models are available now, come in black or silver finishes and you can find out more about the PMA-600NE here and the DCD-600NE here.

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