Exposure introduces 3510 mono power amplifiers

Following 2021’s launch of its 3510 integrated amplifier and 3510 pre/power amplifier combination, Exposure is now completing the series with its new 3510 mono power amplifiers.

Key features of the new monos include what the company describes as: “a high-capacity power supply circuit designed around a large custom-made toroidal transformer and massive smoothing capacitors to ensure a high current reserve for the output stage with electronic smoothing for low noise on the supply rails to the gain stage”. It’s DC coupled throughout with balanced and unbalanced inputs, enabling compatibility with a wide variety of preamps. It also boasts bi-wire speaker outputs using high-quality shrouded sockets and an electronic, non-invasive overload protection circuit and thermal trip to ensure longevity.

Claiming 100W RMS per channel into 8ohm loads, the monos are designed to drive difficult loudspeaker loads and claim enhanced linearity and lower distortion at high power output. The new 3510s feature full aluminium casework and extruded front panels to control resonance and stray electro-magnetic fields. Each measures 440 x 115 x 300mm (WxHxD), weighs 12kg and is available in a choice of black or titanium finishes, with all components coming with a three year guarantee.

Available to buy now for £2,990 a pair, you can find out more about the 3510 mono power amplifiers here .