Goldring unveils Ethos SE

Goldring has announced the release of its Ethos SE – a special edition of its Ethos moving-coil cartridge. It boasts a raft of upgrades – including new pure silver coils, which the company says feature fewer windings with higher conductivity, reducing the effective tip mass and internal impedance of the pick-up for improved tracking and greater transient response.

Then there’s the low-mass cross-armature core made from Swedish iron in a bid to improve channel separation and produce a more realistic soundstage and a vital line-contact diamond stylus featuring a narrow, low-tip mass, large contact area designed to enhance high-frequency response and minimise distortion and colouration. There are new low reluctance pole-shoes too in an effort to ensure smooth and extended frequency response via an exclusive process.

The GOL-1 generator is handmade by Goldring, exclusively for the SE version, the pole shoes have been subjected to a new process, which enhances the permeability of the metal, creating a lower reluctance magnetic circuit. This serves to flatten and extend the frequency response, especially in the upper registers where musical detail is said to reside.

The GOL-1 generator is fitted into a precision-milled 6082-T6 aircraft-grade aluminium body shell. Goldring says: “this material was carefully selected for its low density and superior rigidity – and thanks to its anodised black finish it’s as good-looking as it is durable”.

Available to buy now for £1,300, you can find out more about the Goldring Ethos SE here.