June 2023 issue now on sale

Welcome to the June issue
Who do you think sold the most LPs worldwide in 2022? Go on, have a guess. No Googling! Get off Wiki! My punt was Taylor Swift. Safe bet. I was wrong.

It was actually Puerto Rican rapper, singer and Coachella headliner Bad Bunny. How do I know? Because it’s one of the many facts revealed in Nigel Williamson’s Opinion column. That’s the kind of info I like. The answer that wins you the pub quiz or just the sort of offhand titbit you can drop into conversation to impress your pals.

Now people far cleverer than me could probably tell you that there are very many types of knowledge. But the way I rattle through life, there are really only two. The sort we’ve just dealt with – practically useless but socially a boon, neat to know and good for the image – and then there’s the more practical stuff that will actually help you sort things out and get things done. I’m thinking here of the glossary that accompanies our Beginners’ Guide to Digital Music where you’ll finally be able to unscramble all the baffling jagon and sort your FLACS from your AIFFS and your DSDs from your DXDs.

You’ll find tons more good advice in the other pages of this issue too. Like the dormouse said: “Go on, feed your head”.