Keith Monks introduces Prodigy record cleaning machine

Keith Monks announces the launch of its new Prodigy record cleaning machine, which comes in a sustainable bamboo sculptured chassis and, so the company says, is quiet in use. Where previous machines have used a thread between the suction nozzle and the record, the company claims the Prodigy is the world’s first threadless point suction cleaner – making it considerably easier to use and more effective at cleaning.

Fitted with a multi-colour lighting system and using ‘a liquid on/liquid off’ solution guaranteeing no recontamination from previously used fluids, it will clean both sides of a vinyl LP in five minutes. The cleaning fluid is fresh (not reused as it is with many other machines) for each record, and the contact with vinyl during the precision vacuuming process is minimal as the nozzle rides on a wave of fluid.

Designed to be effective cleaning both old and used records it also claims to improve the performance of new vinyl as it removes any excessive mould release agent left after manufacture. Prodigy can also be used to clean CDs, Blu-ray discs and computer CDs.

Available to buy now for £800, you can find out more about the Prodigy record cleaning machine here.

Keith Monks
01983 857079