Kimber Kable introduces PBJ analogue interconnect

Distributed in the UK by Russ Andrews, Kimber Kable turns 40 this year. To mark the milestone, the US cable manufacturer has announced a limited edition version of its popular PBJ analogue interconnect, fitted with WBT 0114 RCA connectors. As the company’s first interconnect 40 years ago, the tri-wire PBJ braided cable quickly became a staple with many audiophiles around the world. Made up of three VariStrand copper conductors, each is insulated with fluorocarbon dielectric and then braided together with the red wire used for the signal, blue for the ground and black as an additional ‘drain’ wire, the woven construction helps to reduce RFI. The anniversary PBJ edition is available from Russ Andrews, costing £170 for a 1m pair, and you can find out more about it here.
Russ Andrews (UK Distributor)
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