Leema Acoustics adds Neutron preamp and Graviton power amp to Quantum range

Leema Acoustics has introduced two new products in its Quantum range: the Neutron preamp and Graviton power amp. The first all-new Leema Acoustics range in over a decade, the Quantum kit has been entirely designed, engineered and built in the company’s Welshpool factory in Powys, Wales, overseen by co-founder and ex-BBC sound engineer, Lee Taylor.

Borrowing heavily from the company’s flagship Constellation series and repackaged in order to improve affordability, the amps display simpler casework while single transformers replace multi-transformers, and the board assembly has been simplified with what Leema claims is no loss of component quality.

The Neutron DAC/preamp offers a high-quality switchable MM/MC phono stage, based on Leema Acoustics’ proprietary design. The preamp also benefits from an advanced asynchronous ESS 24-bit/192kHz USB DAC, a dedicated headphone amplifier, plus a high-end Burr-Brown analogue volume control.

Highly versatile, with wide-ranging connectivity, the Neutron includes 13 inputs: four RCA and one XLR; one MM/MC phono stage; three optical; three coaxial and one USB. Outputs include: fixed-level record; two dedicated subwoofers; a dedicated headphone amplifier, plus 12V trigger.

The Graviton stereo power amp benefits from what the company claims: “could be the biggest toroidal power supply ever seen at its price point!” A Class A/B design, offering a claimed 150W per channel into 8ohm and 260W into 4, the Graviton’s high-current topology deploys six output transistors per channel.

The Graviton has an over-specified single transformer supply and six matched Toshiba output transistors per channel, “allowing high instantaneous current delivery for superior transient capability and long-term reliability.” Dual speaker binding posts are included for bi-wiring, plus line-level loop-through outputs for bi-amping.

All Quantum-range devices are designed in UK-made casework available in brushed black or silver finishes, with solid aluminium precision-machined front panels and control dials. The Neutron is priced at £1,500, the Graviton is also £1,500, and bought together the package is £2,800.

Leema Electro Acoustics