Luxman unveils PD-191A turntable, L-509Z integrated and C-10X control amplifier

Luxman has just released the Control Amplifier C-10X, its completely redesigned successor to the C-900u from 2013. This new flagship model was developed to mark the 100th anniversary of the company this year.

Featuring Luxman’s LIFES amplification feedback engine, which was first adopted for the M-10X flagship power amplifier, it uses four fully balanced preamplifier blocks, under completely identical operating conditions, to achieve: “pristine purity and a natural, three-dimensional sound”.

The C-10X is equipped with LECUA-EX, which reproduces the feel of traditional audio equipment, but with modern technology under the hood in an effort to achieve smooth and tactile volume control, while thoroughly suppressing sound quality deterioration. The exterior expresses a three-dimensional layering with a contrast between the authentic, blasted white finish front panel, inherited from the C-900u, and a fresh hairline finish top panel.

The C-10X has a fluorescent display with various modes, zoom and dimmer functions and cast iron legs to protect it from unwanted vibrations. Connections include RCA terminals for unbalanced inputs and outputs and high-quality Neutrik XLR terminals for balanced inputs and outputs. It’s also equipped with a new trigger input/output terminal that enables power syncing between compatible devices (daisy-chaining is also possible). It comes with a dedicated RA-20 remote control made from high-quality aluminium and is priced at £16,000.

The PD-191A turntable system to replaces the company’s PD-171 series. It features an underslung suspension structure in which the main components are attached to a 15mm-thick aluminium plate to provide high rigidity and damping. By mounting the motor drive system and power transformer on an extra-thick bottom plate insulated with damping rubber, Luxman says the signal pickup is protected from external vibrations.

The PD-191A offers 33, 45 and 78rpm speeds, and there’s a reflected LED stroboscope to aid rotation speed adjustments. It employs a specially developed LTA-710 static balanced tonearm with “knife-edge” bearing technology. Detailed adjustments include stylus pressure, anti-skating and height according to the cartridge installed. The belt-drive player also features a high-precision, high-torque brushless DC motor supported by a float-mounted large capacity, upgraded power transformer.

The platter is 35mm-thick, weighs 5.2kg and is machined from a single aluminium plate with a high rigidity spindle of high-tensile strength stainless steel, the shaft boasting a diameter of 16mm. This structure combines a PEEK thrust bearing to a matched brass radial bearing filled with organic Molybdenum oil to maintain stable lubrication. The motor’s energy is transferred to the platter via an EPDM drive belt.

The PD-191A comes with a rosewood-stained, solid natural wood front panel designed to contrast with the hairline-treated aluminium top panel. Sold separately is a 4mm-thick acrylic dust cover equipped with cam/spring supporting hinges. The PD-191A turntable is priced at £11,000 including tonearm and dust cover. Luxman’s LMC-5 cartridge can be included for an additional £1,500 – a saving of £500.

Finally comes the L-509Z integrated amplifier, which boasts the LIFES 2 amplification feedback engine for claimed high-dimensional musicality and unprecedented scale. There’s a seven-segment LED level display to check the volume and a newly developed phono equaliser circuit compatible with MM and MC cartridges (two step gain). The L-509Z claims a power output of 120W per channel (8ohm) and 220W per channel (4ohm) and has a 4.4mm headphone output. Bundled with a remote control, it will set you back £11,000.

Distributed in the UK by IAG, you can find out more about the Luxman C-10X control amplifier here, the PD-191A turntable here and the L-509Z integrated amplifier here.