Marantz unveils 10 Series disc player and amp

Billed by Marantz as "the new reference", the audio specialist introduces its Series 10 SA-10 SACD player and PM-10 integrated amplifier flagship components, with the latter proving a radical departure from the norm. For the first time
ever in a high-end hi-fi application, Marantz uses an analogue high-speed Pulse Width Modulation switching power amplifier section working in Class D. Brand ambassador Ken Ishiwata says this was chosen to give a high power output (2x 200W RMS into 8ohm, and twice that into 4) in a comparatively compact package; the PM-10 is still sizeable, but smaller than the Class AB monoblocks it supersedes. He emphasised that this was not done at the expense
of sound quality, pointing out that it’s a no-compromise, bespoke design. Twin switched mode power supplies complement the single, large toroidal transformer and the amp runs fully balanced in dual mono configuration.

The matching SA-10 silver disc spinner sports an interesting new digital signal processing suite called Marantz Musical Mastering (MMM). Replacing the SA-7, it’s one of just a few SACD players on sale now and has full DAC functionality capable of supporting up to DSD256 and 384kHz PCM. Co-designed by Rainer Fink – who appeared in our Insider Feature last issue – it has been set up to make the very best use of the USB Type-B input. The new disc mechanism also reads CD-ROM and DVD-ROM discs – all the way up to 24/192 PCM and DSD128, with support for FLAC, ALAC and MP3 music files as well – this may prove a handy bridge for those with large disc and hi-res file collections looking
for a convenient way to play them. Everything that passes through this machine is rendered by the company’s new MMM digital processing suite, which uses custom hardware and software to carry out oversampling, filtering and conversion.
On demonstration at Marantz’s Eindhoven headquarters, both amplifier and disc player sounded superb. On sale now, the SA-10 costs £5,999 and the PM-10 is £6,999. Click here for more.