May 2023 issue on sale

Welcome to the May issue
There’s this excellent book by Talking Heads’ David Byrne called How Music Works which, in part, explains that the way music has been made down the centuries is directly influenced by how it’s being received by the listener. For instance, back in the jazz era trumpets were the foremost instrument because they could be easily heard through the speakers above the chatter in a nightclub while today there’s a vogue for whispered, intimate vocals à la Billie Eilish as we are increasingly inclined to enjoy music in our own private space via headphones.

There’s much more fascinating stuff about this in next month’s issue, but right now it got me thinking about how most of us listen in multiple ways: at home via speakers, on the move through our cans etc. Just as well, then, that the copy of HFC you’re holding has got the lot. From a Group Test of affordable standmount loudspeakers to info on a new set of in-ears from Letshuoer, we’ve got all your listening preferences covered.

There’s also an appreciation of synth pioneers Depeche Mode in our Legends feature, a journey to Good Vibes record store in Leith and a Beginner’s Guide to how to achieve synergy between your amp and speakers. In other words, something for everyone.