May 2024 issue now on sale

Welcome to the May issue
It was before my time so – much as I’d love to – I can’t take any credit, but whoever chose the name of our magazine must have been touched with genius. Hi-Fi Choice – could there be a title more fitting to today’s market? Not only is there more kit on offer than ever, but there’s more opportunity to personalise your system to your individual taste.

It’s not just the different brands and price ranges they inhabit either. It’s also increasingly about what each component can do for you, often confounding its description. And that’s exactly what Ed discovers in this month’s preamp Group Test (p34). “In 2024,” he writes: “a significant number of devices can be used as preamps despite not actually being described as one… The breadth of functionality in these products is slightly bewildering which means that this test will need to be filtered through the requirements of what you actually need, but it serves to demonstrate just how flexible equipment can be in the way you build a system.”

Sound scary? Worry not. Help is at hand. The final instalment of our latest batch of Beginner’s Guide features (p68) explains how your local dealer can offer you invaluable expert advice in auditioning products to ensure you get the right stuff.

Have fun!