Meze Audio introduces Liric 2nd Generation headphone

Meze Audio has released its Liric 2nd Generation, an evolution of its Liric closed-back headphones. The Gen 2 features a new QWRM (Quarter Wavelength Resonator Mask – a precision-crafted metal plate that strategically covers select openings in the driver frame), which the company claims: “effectively attenuates high-frequency peaks above 7kHz for a smoother listening experience”.

The design has also been changed with the replacement of Liric’s leather-clad earcups with ones dressed in striped ebony said to: “combine gorgeous wood grain and a luxury feel with the durability that hardwood delivers”.

Liric 2nd Generation features planar magnetic technology developed by Rinaro, re-engineered for day-to-day use. The Isodynamic Hybrid Array driver has been scaled down and tuned to deliver an audio experience inline with its larger counterparts found in the Empyrean and Elite headphones.

Combined with the closed-back design, Meze says: “it helps preserve the original clarity and emotion of your favourite music through enhanced sound and minimised external noise. Each driver is entirely hand assembled and tested in Rinaro’s specialist workshops in Ukraine.”

The cans, which weigh 427g, also follow Meze Audio’s declared mission for both enhanced sustainability and choice, featuring detachable magnetic earpads that can be repaired and replaced.

The Liric 2nd Generation comes bundled with Meze’s premium hand-braided copper cable as standard; a 4.4mm design created for portable players and headphone amps, plus a 3m TPE cable for home listening. Meze says the modular design allows for easy cable upgrades and replacements as desired.

Available to buy now for £1,850, you can find out more about the Meze Audio Liric 2nd Generation headphone here.

Meze Audio