Mobile Fidelity introduces UltraGold cartridge

Karma-AV is introducing Mobile Fidelity’s UltraGold moving-coil phono cartridge to the UK. The cartridge unites the UltraGold MC’s nude shibata diamond profile stylus and boron cantilever with a neodymium magnet and permendur yoke, housed within an ultra-low resonance aluminium/brass extrusion with the intention of delivering: “palpable low-end energy, high transient responsiveness and compelling openness and transparency from vinyl”. In essence, the UltraGold MC exists to liberate the astonishing musical glory of Mobile Fidelity Original Master Recordings and other reference pressings.

It’s precision crafted in Japan and the company explains that the UltraGold MC offers an: “exceptionally wide frequency response, tonal richness, lifelike separation and true-to-the-source faithfulness of a class-leading audiophile moving-coil design”.

Claiming ease of installation in virtually any setup, the threaded cartridge body permits mounting to a headshell or integral tonearm with just two screws: no bolts or nuts required. It weighs in at 7.3g with a tracking force of 1.8-2.2g, a recommended load of up to 100ohm, output voltage of 0.4mV and comes in gold and black.

Available to buy now for £1,500, you can find out more about Mobile Fidelity’s UltraGold MC cart here.

Karma-AV (UK distributor)