Monitor Audio unveils fifth-generation Gold Series loudspeakers

New speaker series introduces improved cabinet and driver design that use trickle-down tech from MA's flagship Platinum II Series

Few loudspeaker designs use complete metal mid/bass drivers, and fewer still combine them with ribbon tweeters. Monitor Audio has always gone its own way and like its predecessor, the latest Gold Series iteration balances the company's established C-CAM driver and MPD high-frequency transducer and introduces tech derived from its flagship Platinum II Series. 

Reduced to six models in this revised lineup, it includes three hi-fi pairs – a standmount and two floorstanders, plus a centre speaker, rear/FX speakers and a subwoofer for multi-channel installations. Priced at £1,400 the two-way Gold 100 standmount is fitted with a 165mm C-CAM mid/bass driver and rated at 86dB sensitivity. The Gold 200 is a three-way floorstander priced at £2,900 with a 64mm C-CAM mid/bass driver and two 165mm bass drivers and is rated at 88dB sensitivity, while the £4,000 Gold 300 floorstander (pictured) has two 200mm bass drivers and sensitivity at 90dB. All models are available in satin white, gloss black, ebony and walnut finishes and the two floorstanders come with substantial metal out-rigger feet. All speakers from the Gold Series are available now and you can find out more here.