Naim's new flagship NDS streamer

New player 'delivers more music with CD rips that most players do with hi-res sources.'

Naim has announced the new range topping NDS network streamer. The brief for the NDS is to comfortably exceed the performance of the highly regarded NDX. To this end, the NDS borrows design and construction techniques from the more expensive Naim components including a brass sub chassis to which the main boards are then attached on spring type connectors.

Like the high end Naim CD players, the NDS requires an external power supply. Customer options range from a single XP5 XS to a pair of 555PS units which allows for a degree of upgradeability.

The digital to analogue conversion is a further refinement of the technology first seen in the Naim DAC. This comprises a pair of Burr Brown PCM1704 DAC's and a 40 bit SHARC DSP. The NDS discards the RAM buffer used up until now and carries out all data buffering in the DSP.

Like the smaller Naim streamers, the NDS features digital inputs, iPod connectivity and extensive internet radio functionality. The NDS can be controlled by the supplied remote handset or via the N-Stream ap for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. 

The NDS is on sale now. For more details, click on