November 2022 issue on sale

Welcome to the November issue
Of the many letters and emails we receive, a number suggest candidates for Group Tests and this month’s one comes near the top of your wanted list. As Ed points out in his intro: “It will not have escaped your notice that life is rather expensive at the moment… it falls to us to look at cost-effective solutions and one of these is making better use of devices you already own. Consider your mobile phone. As well as a means of communication it is an exceptionally flexible audio interface, but making use of it as a digital source requires some additional hardware and you can now choose between an impressive selection that take power and signal from a USB connection and deliver an analogue output for use by an amplifier.” Say hello to our DAC roundup.

Elsewhere you’ll have noticed the absence of our report on the UK Hi-Fi Show Live, which was due to take place at the Grandstand at Royal Ascot Racecourse. Unfortunately, it was postponed at the 11th hour, as soon as news reached us of the passing of the Queen. The Show is in the process of being rescheduled as we go to press, so watch this space for details and a heartfelt thanks to all the businesses who were due to exhibit and prospective attendees who have been so understanding and supportive during this difficult time. Much appreciated.