October 2023 issue now on sale

Welcome to the October issue
It strikes me that we hi-fi enthusiasts are a weird bunch. Endlessly in search of that impossible holy grail – total listening perfection – we’re continually juggling conundrums, some real, some imagined, looking for answers to questions that may or may not lead to sonic enlightenment.

Every month our Letters pages are full of queries about how best to position speakers, whether there are any new reliable CD players available, which cartridge upgrade will enhance a much-loved turntable most, what’s a woofer and what’s it for?

And yet, amidst all this curiosity, there seem to be a few unchallenged ‘facts’ we appear happy to accept as gospel. Like, the long-held view that coloured vinyl is sonically inferior to the good-old black stuff.

Whether there’s really any truth in this established assertion is the subject of Neville Roberts’ Opinion piece, so go take a look for yourself.

Also, this month we put half-a-dozen new affordable integrated amps through their paces in our Group Test, our Beginner’s Guide walks you through the benefits of using dedicated hi-fi furniture and we bring you a final bulletin about all the exhibitors and product debuts at the UK Hi-Fi Show Live, which takes place imminently at Ascot Racecourse.

Hope to see you there!