PMC unleashes Activetwenty5i series

PMC has introduced its Activetwenty5i series, four two-way models, which function without the need for a separate power or integrated amplifier. The company says all the user needs to do is add a preamp or a streaming device to create a complete hi-res system.

Each drive unit in the Active twenty5.21i, 22i, 23i and 24i models is directly coupled to a dedicated 100W power amplifier. In circuit before the power amplifiers is a custom-designed analogue crossover, which splits the frequency bands of the incoming line-level signal from the balanced XLR or unbalanced RCA inputs. PMC explains: “The design of the crossover has been computer-modelled and is specific to each model, with finely tuned roll off curves to ensure the perfect integration of each drive unit, excellent dispersion and low distortion. Pre-amplification, filtering and a dual-band power limiter, for non-invasive driver protection, guarantee studio-quality performance with a pure and natural sound.”

An easy upgrade is available to existing owners of twenty5 and twenty5i speakers – 21, 22, 23 and 24 – via the active upgrade pack. PMC explains: “All the owner, or their hi-fi retailer, needs do is to remove the back panel and its integrated crossover and replace it with the new input/crossover/amplification back panel, which is connected to the speaker’s drive units with a single multi-pin plug. The entire start-to-finish installation takes no more than five minutes.”

The replacement active amplification module is designed to work with all two-way models in the twenty5 and twenty5i series. Its crossover network has a unique setting for each model, ensuring integration of the drive units. A ‘model selector’ connector is plugged into the socket that corresponds to the specific speaker, to ensure the correct crossover settings are applied.

The smallest speaker in the range, the Active twenty5.21i has a 19mm Sonomex fabric soft dome tweeter and 140mm long-throw mid/bass driver. It has a claimed sensitivity of 96.5dB and costs £3,975. The Active twenty5.22i standmount increases the size of the mid/bass driver to 170mm and has an improved claimed sensitivity of 99dB. It costs £5,275. The Active twenty5.23i is a £5,975 floorstander that combines the 19mm soft dome tweeter with a 140mm mid/bass driver and offers 96.5dB sensitivity. The floorstanding Active twenty5.24i increases the size of the mid/bass driver to 170mm and has an improved claimed sensitivity of 99dB. It costs £7,975. All of the upgrade kits for the respective passive models come in at £1,800.

Available to buy now, you can find out more about the PMC Activetwenty5i series here.