QED debuts XT5 power cable

QED has announced the introduction of its XT5 power cable, the first of a new generation of audiophile mains leads made to complement its range of speaker cables and audio interconnects. The XT5 features a specially adapted version of X-Tube Technology similar to that used in QED’s speaker cables, but specifically tuned to be appropriate for this new application. The company claims the braided individual cores in the live and neutral conductors are made small enough that they are not affected by the eddy currents from adjacent cores, which helps contribute to the proximity effect.

Because they are effectively isolated from one another, the twist rate of the strands means no two conductors are next to each other in the parallel configuration for more than a few millimetres, further enhancing the even current flow at all frequencies.

The separate bundles are individually insulated using K130 PVC to control capacitance and provide the electrical isolation demanded by international safety standards. The arrangement is provided with a hollow LDPE core to control inductance. In this way the correct phase relationship between voltage and current is not altered, further decreasing distortion compared with regular mains cables.

To combat the corruption of the domestic mains supply, XT5 uses a ferrite-impregnated inner jacket, which effectively wraps the cores in an impenetrable blanket of radio silence.

Created to be thin and flexible, and using an MK Tough Plug 655 BLK and Martin Kaiser IEC C13 794 connector, the XT5 is designed to fit technically superior cordage into standard high-quality mains plugs and sockets. QED says the completed cord set has been fully type tested to EN 60320, EN 60884 and EN 50525 by an accredited certification body and found to be fully compliant.

The XT5 power cable is available now in a choice of 1m, 2m and 3m lengths, starting at £150, and you can find out more about it here .