REL introduces new subwoofers

REL has unveiled two new subs: the Carbon Special, a new limited availability front-firing active woofer with down-firing passive radiator, and the Tzero MKIII, closed-box with down-firing driver.

Featuring the company’s third-generation carbon fibre 305mm driver with a new CSP passive driver that delivers 50 percent longer stroke, the Carbon Special (pictured above) has highly polished metal and carbon fibre touches. Where previous special editions from REL have used existing cabinets, drivers and filters, the Carbon Special has new elements and employs REL’s NextGen 5 1,000W amplifier, features a custom-designed CS PerfectFilter and comes in a gloss piano black finish. Price: £3,300.

The Tzero MKIII includes the full REL connectivity suite along with an all-new aluminium cone and 100W Class D amplification. The smallest model in the range, it has the same input filters, crossovers and limiters. It comes in high-gloss black or white finishes and is available now for £350.

Available to buy now, you can find out more about REL's Carbon Special here and the Tzero MKIII here.

REL Acoustics Ltd.