RHA unveils flagship CL2 Planar in-ear headphone

Following its CL1 Ceramic in-ear headphone introduced in 2017 (HFC 421), Glasgow-based company RHA has unveiled its £800 CL2 Planar flagship in-ear headphone built around a 10mm planar magnetic driver consisting of a planar coil and 16-micrometre diaphragm suspended above two matched magnetic fields inside zirconium dioxide housings.

Supplied with wired and wireless options, the CL2 comes with two oxygen-free copper detachable cables – one fitted with a 3.5mm jack and the other with a 2.5mm jack for balanced outputs. AptX Bluetooth connectivity comes via RHA’s SecureFlex neckband, which claims up to 12 hours of playback.

The CL2 Planar comes packaged with a choice of ear tips, a flight adapter and case, and you can find out more about it here.
RHA Technologies
69 Haugh Road
Glasgow G3 8TX