T+A extends its HV Series

German high-end specialist T+A has strengthened its flagship HV Series with the introduction of two reference-class digital-to-analogue converters with the £21,990 SD 3100 streaming DAC and £23,400 SDV 3100 streaming DAC/preamp (pictured), plus the PDT 3100 CD/SACD transport priced at £13,996.

The PDT 3100 is billed as a reference CD/SACD player, equipped with a tray-loading disc mechanism and fitted with optical, coaxial, BNC and AES-EBU output connectivity, as well the company’s own hi-res IPA Link that enables it to interact seamlessly with the matching HV DACs’ hi-res playback capabilities.

The all-new SD 3100 claims to be the company’s most powerful and innovative digital-to-analogue converter to date and capable of handling PCM files up to 32-bit/768kHz and DSD to DSD1,024. The network streaming client supports selected music services and there’s an FM, FM-HD and DAB+ tuner built-in, as well as an aptX Bluetooth streaming module.

For those wanting more control, the SDV 3100 streaming DAC/preamp offers a relay-controlled volume control and one analogue input. In keeping with the T+A philosophy, both DAC models are fitted with two separate mains sections for the analogue and digital sections, each of which features its own power supply.

All HV Series models are built around solid aluminium components and the disc mechanism of the PDT 3100 is housed in a heavy sub-chassis for complete shielding and isolation. Available to buy now, they are being distributed in the UK by Kog Audio and you can find out more about them here.

Kog Audio (UK distributor)
PO Box 5260
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