Technics showcases SU-G700M2 amp, SB-G90M2 and SB-C600 speakers, SL-1210G turntable and more...

It looks likely to be a busy end of the year for Technics, which is launching a number of new products in the coming weeks. First up is the SU-G700M2 integrated amplifier, which builds upon the platform of its predecessor – the SU-G700. Featuring advanced technologies trickled down from Technics’ Reference SU-R1000 (HFC 480) the SU-G700M2 inherits the JENO (Jitter Elimination and Noise-Shaping Optimisation) Engine and LAPC (Load Adaptive Phase Calibration) that’s intended to allow optimal matching to any loudspeaker you care to partner it with.

The company explains that the new integrated comes with: “improved sound image and dynamic power, combining low distortion and high transparency with energetic drive, improved soundstage and precise focus of voices and instruments without sharpness”.

In addition, there’s an MC phono stage, a Phono Input Phase selector for playback of older vinyl recorded with inverted phase and volume and source knobs with aluminium “spin” texture. The “hairline-brushed” aluminium casework comes in either silver or black finish and it’s priced at £2,200.

Next up is the SB-G90M2 floorstanding loudspeaker in the company’s Grand Class series. Like its predecessor, the SB-G90, the new M2 version is a three-way bass reflex system consisting of a two-way coaxial driver that combines a 25mm dome with a 160mm aluminium midrange cone. This is accompanied by two 160mm bass drivers, also constructed from aluminium.

The company says the SB-G90M2 features an Advanced Phase Precision Driver, meaning the diaphragm of the Coaxial Driver Unit has been reworked for reduced resonance and a more natural midrange with less distortion. Also, a Linear Phase Plug has been added to eliminate any phase disturbance making the sound pressure characteristics of the tweeter more natural.

Explaining the Advanced BDMA (Balanced Driver Mounting Architecture), Technics says the inner baffle onto which the bass drivers are mounted at their centre of gravity around the magnet has been extended to one plate attached to the base board, so vibrations can escape to the ground. There’s also a more energetic cabinet design in which the inner stiffening structure has been reworked in the lower part of the cabinet. The Standing Wave Termination Structure – a multiple-folded wave guide containing a controlled amount of acoustically absorbing material – is used with the goal of eliminating standing waves while minimising the use of acoustic damping material. It comes in a black gloss finish and is priced at £2,200.

Technics is also launching a new compact bookshelf speaker, the SB-C600, as part of its Premium C600 Series. The SB-C600 is a two-way bass reflex design with a coaxial drive unit working as a point source, built on the ‘Linear Phase’ principle. The Phase Precision Driver emulates the driver in the SB-G90M2 floorstanding speaker, consisting of a 150mm large-diameter mid/bass driver, accompanied by a 25mm aluminium dome tweeter. The SB-C600 comes in a matte black finish and costs £800.

Turntable-wise, Technics is launching the SL-1210G direct-drive vinyl spinner which the company says takes: “all of the technical specifications of the SL-1200G (HFC 477) and encases them in a minimalist black finish”. It features an iron-coreless direct-drive motor with double rotor/single stator, a hybrid encoder for rotational speed detection, using a Hall Sensor for rotor position detection, a tonearm made from cold-drawn magnesium for high damping, the bearings using a cut-processed housing for high motion sensitivity, a three-layer platter with vibration-damping performance and a four-layer high-rigidity cabinet with heavy aluminium top plate and high-damping silicone-rubber insulators. It cost £3,500.

Last but by no means least are two new True wireless in-ear headphone additions, the EAH-AZ60 and the EAH-AZ40.

The new in-ears are equipped with noise cancelling and the EAH-AZ60 also features wireless Bluetooth and LDAC connectivity to its 8mm drivers. The EAH-AZ60 utilises eight microphones on the left and eight on the right, which are employed for Technics’ Feedforward and Feedback Noise Cancelling to capture any interference going on outside as well as any noise inside the in-ears to completely block out unwanted distractions.

Technics says the new drop shape of the earbuds is designed to maximise contact with the user’s ear canal for an optimal fit, while the outer portion is thinner than previous models, preventing it from falling out of place. Both models boast water resistant performance in line with the IPX4 standard and come in a variety of colours – the EAH-AZ60 (£200) available in silver and black and the EAH-AZ40 (£130) in silver, black and rose gold.

Technics has revealed that its EAH-A800 overhead wireless headphone will follow early next year. Watch this space.

All of the other releases are available to buy now and you can find out more about them on the Technics website.