Tivoli Andiamo

Italian for ‘let’s go’, the Andiamo is Tivoli’s smallest Bluetooth speaker and is designed with a view to use on the move. The circular chassis features a 64mm full-range driver powered by a 20W internal amplifier and supported by a 76mm passive radiator.

Bluetooth implementation is solid rather than cutting edge, with version 3.0 supported alongside aptX. There is no control app, but you do get a 3.5mm line input. Battery life is quoted at 20 hours of ‘normal’ play. Aesthetically, the Tivoli looks and feels very substantial. The metal chassis is well finished and the leather strap works well. Only the use of a 12V charger rather than a USB spoils the impression of slick modernity and also means that you can’t use it as a charger for your phone. 

Sound quality
Paired to an Essential PH-1 smartphone, the Andiamo does a convincing job. A spirited rendition of Manic Street Preachers’ Resistance Is Futile from Tidal shows that although the Andiamo is resolutely mono, it sounds sufficiently spacious that it doesn’t draw too much attention to this potential short coming. The crescendo of the opening People Give In is handled without any feeling of congestion or confusion and it does a good job with vocals, too.

Bass response is very dependent on the surface it is placed upon. A solid table or shelf has a huge effect on both the depth and detail that is on offer, but placing it on a carpet or holding it in free space see both these areas tail off dramatically. This may have some ramifications on just how portable the Tivoli is, but if being moved from one solid surface to another there is much to like about how this little speaker goes about making music. ES

Product: Tivoli Andiamo
Price: £189
Type: Bluetooth loudspeaker
Read the full review in February issue 446

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