Vinyl Station introduces unique hi-fi furniture

Australian company Vinyl Station has created a new record cabinet designed especially to house and display record collections with an emphasis on ease of use. The cabinets are made from 100 percent recycled HDPE plastic and come in: “pretty much any colour with a custom design to suit your vinyl collection, turntable and amplifier”.

Vinyl Station says: “Record cabinets available at online stores and furniture stores are all low down, meaning you need to bend over to choose, place the record on the turntable and play. So, we designed the perfect record cabinet that would introduce a ‘feature piece’ to your home, designed for functionality at waist height allowing storage of up to 500 vinyl records with two ‘digging buckets’, a turntable bench and the capacity to house an amplifier, and bookshelf speakers.”

The company claims that it takes around 1,000 recycled milk bottles and lids to make one cabinet and it avoids generating microplastics by leaving the cabinets un-sanded thereby creating what VS calls a “unique character, with the mix of colours, but also the matte finish and surface marks and scratches. These marks add character to the matte finish.”

Recycled plastic Vinyl Stations feature 20mm-thick HDPE sheets in a bid to deliver ongoing durability and strength. If you have several pieces of hi-fi equipment or a particularly wide turntable, a specific amount of floor space or a particular colour or colour mix that’s required Vinyl Station can cater for bespoke designs.

Prices range from £1,600-£2,000 (+VAT and £400 shipping from Australia).

Vinyl Station