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Introducing a new phono stage from Cyrus, the Phono Signature has been designed to exceed the expectations of serious vinyl audiophiles, particularly in areas of dynamic performance, accurate cartridge matching and flexibility of use. By adding IR remote control of cartridge matching, for the first time ever the manufacturer is able to provide tonal control to rebalance vinyl that is less than perfect. Each of its four inputs can be accurately matched to the exact specification of the cartridge and the acoustic preference of the user. Adjustment is provided for MC cartridges in gain, resistance and capacitance, facilitating a possible 160 combinations.
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Quad continues to mark its 79th anniversary with the launch of the new Artera range, which includes the Artera Play CD player DAC and preamp, alongside the Artera Stereo power amplifier, which is available in a choice of either black or silver finishes. At the heart of the Artera Play, is the ESS Sabre32 9018 32-bit, eight-channel digital-to-analogue converter. This is Quad’s first component to utilise this hybrid multi-bit chipset and external digital sources can, claims Quad, benefit from its exceptional quality via a range of digital inputs. These include USB, with support for up to 32/384 PCM and also DSD64/128/256.
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Record label owner and manufacturer Linn has unveiled its very own sonic version of an advent calendar for fans of hi-res music. Starting from today, each week in December a curated collection of stunning Studio Master tracks will be made available to download from Linn Records’ roster of artists. Each collection has its own theme, offering an ideal (and more importantly free) introduction to high-quality Studio Master downloads. There’s something for everyone, including Britain’s First Lady of Jazz, Claire Martin, an award-winning performance from the Scottish Chamber Orchestra’s Mozart symphonies and an exclusive track from pianist and vocalist Liane Carroll, recorded especially for Linn’s 24-bits of Christmas.
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Bose introduces its new next-generation SoundTouch 10 speaker system. With built-in Bluetooth and wi-fi, the £169 loudspeaker connects directly to your portable devices straight from the box and is designed for instant music and multi-room listening. Using Bluetooth to stream any song, playlist or music service, you can then broadcast it via wi-fi to any number of SoundTouch 10 speakers. Alternatively, you can use the SoundTouch app (with music services Spotify and Deezer built in) to explore integrated music services, set up to six personalised presets to any music service playlist, artist or internet radio station and enjoy different music in multiple rooms.
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Studio monitors are generally built to be about as tough as they come. As butch as the stubble on Jason Statham’s chin, they should be able to shrug off the endless travails of studio life with ease, and – despite what manufacturers tell us – are quite a different kettle of fish to the sort of standmount speakers that hi-fi enthusiasts like to have perfectly positioned in their listening rooms. So it’s rare to find a near-field monitor, which is ordinarily plonked on a mixing desk with an engineer hunched behind it, offering the sort of performance that makes it perfect for home listening. But that’s precisely what we’ve got here.
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German speaker brand Elac isn't usually associated with the affordable end of the speaker market, and is perhaps better known in the UK for its high-tech drive units – especially the celebrated and distinctive JET ribbon tweeter, now in fifth-generation spec – and its unique brand of vorsprung durch technik. But the Kiel-based company is embracing changing markets with its new Debut range and looks set to bring the much-respected speaker name to a whole new audience, and perhaps give itself a little more funk in the process. At the price, this new range looks like an entry-level lineup, but there's nothing entry-level about the sound of the B5 model we got to hear. The new range has eight models, three of which are aimed at stereo music listening – plus five models for home cinema including centre and Dolby Atmos add-on duties and three smartphone-controllable subwoofers for multi-channel setups.
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DETAILS PRODUCT:Sony NW-ZX2 ORIGIN:Japan/Malaysia TYPE:Portable AudioPlayer WEIGHT:235g DIMENSIONS(WxHxD):65 x 131 x 18mm FEATURES ● Supports PCM 24/192, DSD64 & DSD128 ● NFC Bluetoothwith LDAC ● 128GB internal storage plus micro SD slot (max 128GB) DISTRIBUTOR:Sony UK TELEPHONE:0207 3652810 WEBSITE:sony. co. uk Click here to purchase a copy and read the review . .
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Hegel has unveiled its first-ever full-sized digital-to-analogue converter in the shape of the new HD30 DAC, which the company is describing as its reference DAC. This being Hegel, though, the intention has been to come up with a product that is new and quite unlike anything that's currently available. And so Hegel describes how the development of the HD30 meant it had to tweak and improve on the best measurement equipment in the world first, before technically addressing the things its engineeers had heard and then tweaking them. First up was the noise floor.