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Welcome to the June 2015 issue of Hi-Fi Choice – the essential guide to getting the best possible sound from your hi-fi, whether you're buying, tuning or tweaking. . . 

 Flicking through the pages of our latest issue shows that the LP usurped by CD in the mid-eighties is still very much alive and well.
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In the not too distant past ‘proper hi-fi’ inevitably had to equate to stacks of similar sized and similar looking separates for it to be taken seriously by audiophiles. But with improvements in more efficient amplifier technologies – such as Class D – combined with the move to higher quality streaming from portable devices, compact hi-fino longer necessarily means compromised quality, as we’ve recently seen with Quad’s Vena (HFC 390) and NAD’s D 7050 (HFC 382) both of which come from companies with long-standing reputations for producing class-leading products. Like these two brands, PS Audio’s usual stomping ground also lies inthe high-end separates arena where its DACs and digital products sit alongside a selection of audio power plants. The Sprout is a different beast, representing the culmination of two and a half year’s work by sales director Scott McGowan, son of CEO and founder Paul McGowan.
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After years in the wilderness it looks as though vinyl is finally coming in from the cold. Vinyl sales are higher than they’ve been since 1997 when Britpop ruled the world and many people are universally shunning poor quality downloads and streams in favour of the black stuff. You see, there’s nothing quite like the routine of removing an LP from its sleeve, placing it onto a turntable and then putting the needle into the groove and sitting back to enjoy your music as it really should be heard. But what’s that, you don’t own a decent record player? We might just be able to help you out with that.
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Welcome to the May 2015 issue of Hi-Fi Choice - the essential guide to getting the best possible sound from your hi-fi, whether you're buying, tuning or tweaking. . . 

 With the continuous evolution of drive unit technology, the development of cabinet manufacturing processes and increasingly sophisticated measurement devices you’d think that we would have reached the pinnacle of loudspeaker design, manufacturing and performance and that loudspeakers would pretty much all sound the same.
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DETAILS PRODUCT:Exposure 3010S2-D Price: £1,700 Origin:UK/China Type:Integrated amplifier Weight:12kg Dimensions(WxHxD): 440 x 115 x 300mm FEATURES Quoted power output: 2x 110W (8ohms) 6x RCA line inputs inc AV bypass Optional DAC module Optional MMor MC phonostage module Preamplifier output DISTRIBUTOR: Exposure Electronics Ltd TELEPHONE: 01273 423877 WEBSITE: exposurehifi. com Read the full review in May issue 397 . . .
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DETAILS PRODUCTPro-Ject 2 Xperience SB DC Price£1,050 OriginAustria TypeBelt-drive turntable Weight7. 7kg Dimensions(WxHxD) 460 x 160 x 360mm FEATURES 9CC Evolution carbon-fibre tonearm New DC-powered synchronous turntable motor with electronic speed control Ortofon 2M Silver moving magnet cartridge DISTRIBUTOR Henley Designs TELEPHONE 01235 511166 WEBSITE henleydesigns. co. uk Read full review in May issue 397 .
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DETAILS PRODUCTAcoustic Research AR-M2 Price£900 OriginChina Type24-bit/192kHz-capable digital audio portable Weight245g Dimensions(WxHxD) 71 x 136 x 15mm FEATURES Burr-Brown PCM1794A DAC 64GB internal memory MicroSD XC slot (128GB max) 5in HD screen DISTRIBUTOR ATC EnergyTech Corporation Limited TELEPHONE 07734 064360 WEBSITE acoustic-research. com Read full review in May issue 397 . . .
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DETAILS PRODUCT Musical Fidelity Merlin 1 ORIGIN UK/China/Czech Republic TYPE Mini separates system WEIGHT Turntable: 6kg Amplifier: 1. 9kg Speakers: 2. 5kg DIMENSIONS (WxHxD) Turntable: 482 x 100 x 342mm Amplifier: 220 x 55 x 240mm Speakers: 130 x 220 x 200mm FEATURES ● Quoted power output: 2x 50W into 4ohms ● aptX Bluetooth input ● 3. 5mm jack and MM phono inputs ● USB and optical digital inputs ● Headphone amplifier DISTRIBUTOR Musical Fidelity TELEPHONE 0208 900286 WEBSITE musicalfidelity.
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When thinking of countries that embody qualities of high-end audio, you’d typically mention the UK for refined, understated amps, Italy for craftsmanship, the USA for muscly power and Scandinavia, Germany or Japan for cool, engineered accuracy. Now it’s time to add India to the list for expressive hybrid loudspeakers. Cadence Audio – based in Pune, India – celebrated its 25th anniversary recently by announcing that some of its most celebrated products would be available in the UK. Leading the way are the Avita speakers, considered one of the entry-level products in its hybrid electrostatic range.
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DETAILS PRODUCT:Roksan K3 CD ORIGIN:UK WEIGHT:9kg DIMENSIONS(WxHxD): 432 x 102 x 380mm FEATURES ● Burr BrownPCM1798 DAC ● 1x coaxialdigital output ● 1x Toslink opticaldigital output ● 1x BalancedAES/EBU (XLR)digital output PRODUCT:Roksan K3 Amp ORIGIN:UK WEIGHT:14kg DIMENSIONS(WxHxD): 432 x 105 x 380mm FEATURES ● Quoted poweroutput: 2x 140Winto (8ohms) ● 5x line inputs ● 1x MM phono input ● aptX Bluetooth DISTRIBUTOR:Henley Designs TELEPHONE:01235 511166 WEBSITE:henleydesigns. co. uk . .