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Dusty Springfield hadher first andonly number one single 50 years ago this month with You Don’t Have To Say You Love Mein 1966, 50 years ago this year. Originally a 1965 Italian song by Pino Donaggio, Dusty saw it performed, in Italian, at the 1965 Sanremo Festival and was moved to tears. Her manager Vicki Wickham and friend Simon Napier Bell wrote some lyrics in English for Dusty who famously recorded 47 takes before she was happy with how it sounded, even moving out to the stairwell of the studio in an attempt to get the acoustics right. To celebrate the ocassion, Universal Music has re-released Just Dusty on CD.
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Highresaudio has announced that customers that use Audirvana Plus (the software player created for the Mac platform) for streaming of their high-resolution music will now be able to take advantage of VirtualVault 2. 0. VirtualVault is designed for users that don’t want to have to download the music that they have already purchased or install any additional peripheral devices such as a NAS drive or home server, and means that they can access their hi-res music collection while away from homeat a friend’s or while on the move (although music from the user’s private collection cannot be accessed). VirtualVault is free for Highresaudio customers and those that own an Audirvana Plus license.
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Based on the HD 800 (Editor’s Choice award winner back in HFC 324), Sennheiser has unveiled its latest headphone, the HD 800 S. The new headphone, claims the manufacturer, has had the sound reproduction optimised through the innovative absorber tech that was introduced on the IE 800 (HFC 385). This does away with the masking effect that makes high-pitched effects difficult to hear at lower volumes. The 56mm transducer of the HD 800 also remains and the headphone comes with a 3m-long XLR4 cable.
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Computer Audio Design has unveiled a refit to its CAD 1543 DAC that now uses proprietary EMI/RFI reduction material, improved circuit boards and refined power supply filtering. The new CAD 1543 MKII retains the key technologies that have made its predecessor popular – namely its use of vintage resistor-ladder DAC chipsets and the removal of the standard digital interpolation filter – and the maker claims that the result is an open and boundless soundstage. The aforementioned resistor-ladder converter chip – the Philips TDA1543/N2 with its 16 selected devices – is now mounted on a revised four-layer circuit board and as well as claiming minimal intrinsic noise, CAD states it allows a native resolution of 192kHz PCM audio. The minimalist design has limited switches and connectors between mains plugs and output sockets.
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Launched in early 2015, Pro-Ject’s 2 Xperience SB design proved to be very popular (we reviewed the DC version in HFC 397 and gave it five stars). Now comesthe 2 Xperience SB S-Shape (above). The £1,299 turntable has the same features as its predecessor, but adds an s-shaped tonearm made from an aluminium alloy with high internal damping properties and a detachable headshell. A wide variety of Pro-Ject and Ortofon headshells are said to be compatible.
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Originally devised as a project by Kevin Lewandowskiin 2000, Discogs has grown to become an incredible resource for fans of both vinyl and CD. In essence, the site is adatabase of music that has been created by Discogs' dedicated community of users. To date, more than 275,000 people have contributed to help build the site's catalogue of more than 6,900,000 recordings from some 4,300,000 artists. It also provides the ability to catalogue your music collection, wantlist and then share your ratings and reviews.
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If you made it along to this year’s Bristol Show you will no doubt already have seen for yourself Hi-Fi Racks Ltd Duet speaker stands. If however you didn’t, the big news is that the stands – which were originally going to be called Duo – are now named Duet. With prices starting at £99, the individually handmade solid oak stands are available in a choice of colours and finishes (including Oak, Satin Oak and Satin Black finishes stocked in standard sizes for immediate delivery) and can also be ordered to your own specific dimensions. Click here for more details.
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Building on the success of its Recommended badge-winning Mu-so wireless music system (HFC 391), Naim has unveiled the Mu-so Qb. Described by the manufacturer as combining Naim’s priorities of high-quality, engaging sound and understated design, Mu-so Qb appears in a more compact chassis and boasts a speaker arrangement of five offset and angled drivers (two tweeters, two mids and a woofer), although the bass port of its sibling has been ditched to keep size down. Instead, two tuned pistonic bass radiators work alongside a custom-made woofer driven by the 100W amplifier. The Mu-so Qb can connect to your home wi-fi and can wirelessly stream hi-res music stored on your network or browse and play tracks using Spotify Connect, Tidal, internet radio or Airplay.
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When it first debuted, Arcam's irDAC proved to be a mighty impresive digital-to-anlaogue converter, winning a Group Test back in HFC 379. And now Arcam has unveilled the follow up to the succesful DAC in the shape of irDAC-II. The asyncronous USB DAC can also be utilised as a digital preamp, headphone amplifier and Bluetooth streamer. At its heart sits the ESS Sabre ES9016K2M DAC chip, while the headphone amplifier stage is taken from Arcam's flagship A49 amplifier.
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Adored by hi-fi fans and DJs alike around the world, it was a sad day in 2010 when Technics finally announced that it would cease production of its iconic SL-1200 direct-drive turntable due to dwindling vinyl sales and the riseof more practical music formats. The SL-1200 was originally built for hi-fi fans when it launched in 1972, but its consistent performance, robust build and unique pitch-shifting ability made it the go-to deck for many DJs, who managed to prolong the deck's life long after many hi-fi fans had sold their record collections to car boot sales. Even so, its departure from the market was a surprise and perhaps even a little premature given the growing interest we've seen in the vinyl market in the last few years. Thankfully though, the legendary vinyl spinner looks set to make a comeback later this year.