April issue now on sale

Welcome to the April issue
Leafing through our brand new issue, it strikes me that there can surely be no match for the hi-fi industry when it comes to looking forward and seeking to predict and deliver the future.

As hi-fi nuts we’re endlessly encouraged to take the plunge and experience the new by manufacturers intent on pushing the envelope to supply us with more accurate and exciting listening experiences.

Fully borne out by the 10 pages we have devoted this month to new launches, the hi-fi industry’s determination to bring us tomorrow today was brought sharply into focus by, of all things, David Price’s lovely retro appreciation of Wharfedale’s E70 speaker from 1977, which you can find on page 70.

David describes how this flashy upstart sought to outmode its stuffy British rivals. All of which got me thinking about how we’re torn by conflicting urges to remain loyal to our trusted favourites and yet also to innovate and upgrade. In that spirit, we’d like to know which pieces of kit you have happily stuck with while all around you are jettisoning others. What speaker, amp or headphone still proudly serves and why?

Email us your thoughts at [email protected] or the usual postal address and mark your message “Retro”.

Many thanks and enjoy the issue.