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One of the things we love about hi-fi is that it’s continuously evolving. As our systems grow with a mix of carefully chosen components based on our format needs and total synergy with the rest of the setup, it feels like audio art in the making – and it doesn’t stop once all the components are in place either. Years of tinkering has taught me that significant improvements in the sound of my system can often be gained by simply rearranging the furniture in my room or by trying out one of the vast numbers of accessories designed to help prevent interference from external forces or maintain audio signal integrity throughout the chain of components. Not all of them have had a positive effect on the sound of my setup, but many have achieved a nuanced influence, bringing greater rewards to the listening experience.

In an increasingly wireless world, cables connecting one component to another may seem a little outdated to any wi-fi-capable music system owners out there, but for true hi-fi hobbyists a wired connection is still the only way to go. The industry agrees, of course, with specialist companies making cables for all types of connectivity and for all pockets, and many are based in the UK. The merits of cables having an influence on the sound of a system is a controversial topic. After all it’s just a bit of wire, right? Turn to p24 to see the effect our six interconnect and loudspeaker cable combos can have on the sound of your system.

Inside the April issue we take an exclusive In-depth look at Focal’s Kanta No2 fashionable floorstander, while Exoticafeatures Simaudio’s £7,300 Moon Evolution 600i v2 integrated amplifier and our regular reviews section features Mytek’s Liberty DAC, Neat Acoustics’ Iota Xplorer floorstanding loudspeaker, Audio-Technica’s flagship over-ear headphone as well as NAD’s D 3020 V2 amplifier/DAC. Plus, Music Legends salutes Ry Cooder and our Group Test looks at six interconnect and speaker cable combos from Atlas, Black Rhodium, Chord Company, Ecosse Cables, KLE Innovations and QED.

Lee Dunkley, editor