Atlas Cables unveils Eos Modular 2.5 and Hyper AES/EBU cable

Kilmarnock company Atlas Cables has been extra busy of late and has just announced the introduction of two new components: the Eos Modular 2.5 power distribution block and the Hyper AES/EBU balanced digital audio cable.

The company says: “The Eos 2.5 has been designed to replace existing cheap multi-way power blocks with something better, a quality connection”. It’s housed in a conductive aluminium chassis and internally wired with 2.5mm² copper conductors with the intention of ensuring unimpeded power transmission between individual sockets with minimal resistive losses.

“We live in an electrically noisy soup, permeated by all manner of potential interference,” Atlas explains. “The ‘household’ mains distribution blocks and extensions often used for audio/AV systems can actually contribute to performance degradation, offering little in the way of shielding and typically incorporating noisy neon power indicators, fuse holders and low-grade wiring/bus-bars, which are all points of weakness. The Eos 2.5 is a robust, no-nonsense screened power extension block designed and built to deliver unimpeded power to audio system components.”

Rubber studs or conical spikes provide the Eos 2.5 with an additional level of mechanical isolation or coupling and there’s also an integral wall mounting option. An integrated direct ground drain path for screened interconnects and cables featuring Atlas’ Grun Coherent Earth system is used to help reduce the system noise floor still further and the block will cost you £400.

The Hyper AES/EBU forms part of Atlas’ mid-price cable range and draws upon the design of its top-of-the-range Mavros AES/EBU. It’s a 110ohm digital cable and uses a balanced pair of silver-plated OFC conductors enclosed within a multi-level screen constructed from aluminium Mylar film and OFC woven braid. Both conductors are wrapped individually with a microporous PTFE dielectric tape. The cable is also manufactured using an Anti-vibration super soft cotton filler.

Atlas Cables explains that the Hyper AES/EBU cable utilises the same low contact resistance and reliable balanced XLR plug that it employs in its Mezzo XLR cable and the series is priced as follows: 0.5m £18, 0.75m £205, 1m £225, 1.5m £265, 2m £305 and 3m for £385.

Available to buy now, you can find out more about on Atlas' website here.

Atlas Cables